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Bonus Content

All the little "extras" that keep things exciting.

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Bonus Content
  • What is Ignition?

    Ignition is more than a fitness class; it's a mindshifting experience; it's a journey of the soul; and it's a means for change in all aspects of life. Take a look inside a live class at The Studio, then press play on one of our online options and watch your whole world Ignite.

  • What is The Studio Online?

    A quick peek into The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade Online Subscription and all the amazing things we are bringing right into your living room.

  • Cherry Pie | Warrant | The HOT Seat BONUS CHOREO

    After learning this cute and playful dance to a classic vixen anthem, not even thinking about baseball will help him. Having trouble picking up the moves? Watch the step by step tutorial from the back followed by the whole routine with cues and music and then SWING IT!

  • Sally Walker by Iggy Azalea BONUS JAM Choreo

    Turn it up and twerk it out. Post a video (Insta Story or profile) of you doing the Sally Walker with us at home and tag us @thestudiobyjk so we can highlight it on our story! Use the hashtags #onlinestudioaddicts for a chance to win FREE Studio Merch and a FREE month to gift to a friend!

  • Cherry Pie Tutorial for The HOT Seat

    Full step by step tutorial of our latest HOT Seat dance followed by the full routine to music with cue from behind. I know how you guys like it from behind. ;) Sorry, not sorry.

  • Not Yo Momma's Christmas Workout

    Dance cardio, toning, HIIT, and hips go together like Santa and Rudolph. This Christmas workout is sure to get you in the spirit and glistening with sweat! Get your whole family involved and rock around the Christmas tree as you get your groove on!

  • Rebel Step BONUS Sneak Peek Choreo

    Grab your step; let's go. This ain't no 80's step aerobics class, ladies. It's step Studio style aka REBEL STEP. If you don't have a step, you can easily do this choreography on the ground as a JAM routine!

  • Dripeesha BONUS JAM choreography

    New JAM workout coming soon, but in the meantime...TWERK IT, GIRL!

  • Blinding Lights by The Weeknd BONUS JAM Choreo

    A little BONUS choreography in between JAM releases. This one will be in our next JAM: Back to the 80s release coming soon! Press play and you'll see why!