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Bonus Content

All the little "extras" that keep things exciting.

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Bonus Content
  • Not Yo Momma's Christmas Workout

    Dance cardio, toning, HIIT, and hips go together like Santa and Rudolph. This Christmas workout is sure to get you in the spirit and glistening with sweat! Get your whole family involved and rock around the Christmas tree as you get your groove on!

  • L.I.T. : Low Impact Toning 2: Shit's Gettin' Real

    Do you have joint pain? We've got you. Do you need to stay quiet and not wake the neighbors? We've got you. Do you still want to have fun? We've got you. No matter what your limitations are, we will always work hard to make sure you have studio vibes in your home because everyBODY deserves to ...

  • L.I.T. : Low Impact Toning

    You won't disturb the family (or the neighbors) with this low impact, yet high intensity, workout. Three segments, each with 3 moves (one upper body, one lower body, and one core), repeated 3 times for the perfect full body workout. Your heart rate will be elevated without your feet ever leavin...

  • GRL PWR 1: Strong and Happy

    You will need a set of medium to heavy dumbbells and a resistance band for this workout. You can use anywhere from 5-10 and even 15 pound dumbbells depending on your weight lifting experience. Jana takes up through the whole body in this fun, fast, and effective workout. Building strength is h...

  • SHHHH! IT BURNS: A Silent Muscle Burn Out

    When you are working out from home with sleeping children and neighbors who don't exactly appreciate living next under or next to a herd of elephants, it's not always possible to jump and JAM and stomp, so we designed the perfect solution: SHHHH! IT BURNS. This workout will burn out all your mus...

  • GRINDIN' 1: Pop, Lock, and Drop It

    What is GRINDIN'? Imagine a mash up of our favorite, grittiest moves from JAM, the format of BEATS, and a continuous hip hop track. Put them all together with some light weights and a hand towel (yes, you read that right), and you've got yourself GRINDIN'. If you love dancing, but also love bei...

  • What is The Studio Online?

    A quick peek into The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade Online Subscription and all the amazing things we are bringing right into your living room.

  • Halloween Workout For The Whole Family

    Happy Halloween, Addicts! This spooky and sweaty, lighthearted and INCREDIBLY FUN workout is perfect for you, the kids, and the neighbors! A combination of easy to follow JAMS mixed with some HIIT DANCE style moves AND an arm toning song will cover all the bases for needed for a THRILLER workout.

  • Jingle JAM 2020: Jingle Your Bells Off

    JAM your way to Christmas along side The Studio Addicts during one of our favorite events of the year! The Jingle Jam playlist brings high energy, fun choreography, and loads of holiday spirit. Not to mention some amazing outfits!!! Can you believe we raised $2,675 for our local foster kids and ...