Titles Available for Purchase

  • The FIX December Package

    10 videos  |   Buy $19.99

    10 full hour workouts including JAM, The HOT Seat, GRL PWR, IGNITION, BARRE HIGH, L.I.T., and LIFTED are yours to keep for one super low price. Don't worry, there are no Christmas themed classes or music so you can enjoy them for months to come, AND they can be dowloaded to watch without WIFI.

  • IGNITION 9: New Year Edition 2021

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $9.99

    Jamie takes you through step by step instructions researched and proven by the world's top psychologists and self-help gurus on how to change the way you see both yourself and the outside world so that you can lead a life of not only success, but also fulfillment. You will come away with skills ...

  • JAM 11: Best of 2020

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $9.99

    2020 has been quite the year, and although it brought its own unique set of challenges, it also brought some really great music and even more AMAZING people into our lives. Here are our favorites from this past year to say thank you for being there for us so that we could be there for you. Thes...

  • Jingle JAM 2020: Jingle Your Bells Off

    1 video  |   Rent $3.99   |   Buy $9.99

    JAM your way to Christmas along side The Studio Addicts during one of our favorite events of the year! The Jingle Jam playlist brings high energy, fun choreography, and loads of holiday spirit. Not to mention some amazing outfits!!! Can you believe we raised $2,675 for our local foster kids and p...