No more searching for the most recent videos! This is a full list in chronological order of our latest releases. Looking for an older workout or a specific class format? Just use the search bar at the top!

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  • 15 Minute Non-Stop Latin FIRE 🔥

    The best Latin hits remixed and mashed together for a 15 minute wham bam, thank you ma'am cardio blast that is so much fun you'll forget you're even working out! Pair it with one of our 10 minute ab, arm, or leg workouts (if you have the time) for a super fast, fun, and effective day of health a...

  • ABS on Fire - 10 minute workout

    It's not possible to get a 6-pack from a 10 minute ab routine, but you CAN get a much MORE IMPORTANT thing: a stronger core. This 10 minute ab workout for women hits all the areas and is perfect for beginners to anyone wanting to get a quickie in on a busy day.

  • JAM 15: Back in Time (80s Hits)

    These dances are mirrored, so all of the moves should match your live experience and The Fix JAM classes! This one is kid friendly and even includes our first studio online mini, my niece, Jensen! Crank it up and have a blast, Addicts!

  • JAM 14: Spring Break Party Anthems

    I've had so many people requesting another outdoor workout, and I wanted a beautiful background. Well, the side of the parking lot was the best we could do under the circumstances. Our camera overheated after the first 4 songs, so we had to use my phone, and overlay all the music because it didn...