5 different styles of Vinyasa Flow classes all with a peak pose, a build-on sequence, and all the good vibes that come when you hit the mat. This is the perfect gift for a friend or a special treat for yourself to grow in your at home practice.

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5 Videos

  • Feel Me FLOW 1-Hip Hop Flowin'

    Yoga pants, high bun, gangster rap…let’s FLOW. Join Jamie, Jen, Michelle, Kelli, and Tiffany in this vinyasa style class set to both modern and old school hip-hop and R&B tracks. Find your inner gangsta in this series of basic yoga asanas connected with breathwork and attitude. This practice is b...

  • Feel Me FLOW 2: It's A Vibe

    Feel Me Flow is all about breaking the rules so that if you're not a traditional yogi, you can still feel the magic of the unity of mind, body, and spirit through breath and asana. In this vinyasa style flow that encourages finding your groove within the poses, you will be give the freedom to mo...

  • In the FLOW 1-Flow Your Own Way

    Welcome to In the Flow with our amazing and talented Cady O'Quinn. Cady's words and inspiring flows will release deeply held tension as you connect the mind and body. Let her guide you through a series of empowering movements synchronized with the breath, creating a beautiful, rhythmic practice....

  • In The FLOW 2-Grounding Down in a Season of Change

    Spring is officially here, and with change often comes a feeling of chaos and fear. During this 60 minute Vinyasa class, Ashley guides you through a series of asanas that cultivate peace, patience, and love for the coming of a new season full of new opportunities.

  • In The FLOW 3: Summer Lovin'

    Summer has officially begun and it's time to have a little fun. Ashley guides you through a light-hearted FLOW leading up to peak pose Svarga Dvidasana II (Bird of Paradise) while incorporating lots of opportunities to get some air along the way. Grab your mat; let's FLY!